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_____________News & upcoming events

|| December 2021
29.12 – Ensemble U: will perform "Confluence" at their annual End of the Year Concert @ Great Guild Hall, Tallinn

|| November 2021
27.11 – Nature as Magic: AV Bridges | Sander Saarmets + Merle Karp @

|| October 2021 concerts:
02.10 – TMW 2021: Üle Heli & Skaņu Mežs Night @ Winkel, Tallinn
22.10 – Üle Heli: Eksperimendid horisondiga vol. 4 - a new composition for Ensemble U: @ Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn

|| Film & sound design
09.10 – World Premiere of A Pile of Ghosts at the AFFR Architectural Filmfestival Rotterdam 2021

|| Code & web art
KIPATAUW is displayed at the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Online | 20.09.21 - 31.10.21

|| August 2021 concerts:
14.08 – ÜLE MAA HELI @ Maajaam, Estonia
28.08 – EES: SIRAKAS @ Copper Leg Residency, Estonia

|| 19.06.2021
Ella Raidel x Sander Saarmets video installation Ghost Hits Wall dispalyed in Pavilion 0 at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

|| 15.06.2021
Sander Saarmets will perform at TMW 2021: Üle Heli & Skaņu Mežs Night on October 2th.

|| 21.04.2021
Sander Saarmets becomes a member of Estonian Composer's Union.


Sander Saarmets is an interdisciplinary composer, sound designer & electronic musician hailing from Estonia.

Starting from the 2000's electronic scene of Tallinn, Saarmets has been on a constant sonic expedition that has led him to places like Taiwan, Sweden, France & Germany. He has studied electronic music at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and is a proud member of the CoPeCo alumni.

During his journey, he has created solo and ensemble works, music and soundscapes for film (e.g. Everyday Mysticism & A Pile of Ghosts), contemporary dance (e.g. Ainukordus & Tuhande silmaga jumal), galleries (e.g. We Will Always Have Paris & Ghost Hits Wall) & runways (e.g. YUFASH SS20 at New York Fashion Week).

He has released albums under the monikers of Muschraum (Ulmeplaadid, 2005) & V4R1 (Grainy Records, 2017).

Sander Saarmets is a member of Estonian Composers Union and a board member of Estonian Electronic Music Society.